Our Community Meals Keep Going Strong Through Lockdown

At the Hasleway, we have been working very hard to keep this essential service running during lockdown. These are difficult times for everyone and it is now more than ever that we need to ensure fresh meals are delivered to the doors of vulnerable people.

The community meals service is for people who need help to ensure they regularly have a nutritious, freshly-cooked meal. You can book for a few weeks or sign up for as long as you want and you can choose which days we regularly deliver. It’s up to you, but don’t forget roast dinner is on a Thursday and fish on Friday!

You can use our community meals on a regular or short-term basis – whilst recovering from an operation or when a family member is away or in respite.  You can stop at any time so the length of time you need us is entirely up to you.

How does it work?

The Haslewey can provide a hot, freshly-cooked and healthy meal which has been cooked on our premises with optional afternoon tea five days a week. You are also able to request frozen meals for weekends and bank holidays. Menus are varied and vegetarian options are available.

Meals are delivered ready to eat between 12 and 2pm on weekdays by our friendly volunteer drivers who will also make sure you’re okay before they leave.

What we have been doing during lockdown

Just as we were doing before lockdown, we have ensured that quality, freshly-cooked meals are delivered to the doors of those who subscribe to our services. This has been a most rewarding challenge for our volunteers, who have worked hard to keep the service up and running at this time.